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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A-HAA Podcast 005: Marlo Meekins / Fats Waller

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation PodcastA-HAA Podcast
A-HAA Podcast
Episode 005

45 min / 33.9 MB / AAC
03.23.10 / RSS Feed
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00:00:00 News with Michael and Danny
00:03:56 Marlo Meekins
00:26:23 Breadcrumbs with Skip and Steve: Fats Waller
00:45:08 Closing notes with Michael and Danny


Marlo MeekinsMarlo MeekinsMarlo Meekins is an award winning caricaturist whose masterful painting techniques boast a sophisticated color palette. Viewers are initially drawn in by the comforting beauty of warm tones, slender figures, soft and furry rendering, and caricatured tongue-in-cheekness, then they're challenged by their circumstances, and finally transported to the artist's final intent- an unknown planet where beings articulate from a suppressed space of frankness about the internal state of emotion- our relationships with ourselves and each other. You can view some of Marlo's work on her blog,, and she can be contacted at

Skip HellerSkip HellerSkip Heller is a multi-talented composer, arranger and musician who has worked in a diversity of styles, from punk rock to orchestral music to jazz to old time country. He is a wellspring of information on the history of music and the people who play it, and shares his encyclopedic knowledge daily on his blog at


Danny YoungDanny YoungDanny Young: A very sympathetic person once told me, "You have the perfect body for podcasting." And while I don't like to boast, the seat of my chair has almost completely taken on the shape of me. I'm always cruising the internets for savvy cartoon info and I'm ecstatic to be here co-hosting the fruits of my labor with you, and sharing in the wealth of animation knowledge there is to find. I sincerely hope that we all can become better artists because of it.

You can reach Danny at...

Michael WoodsideMichael WoodsideMichael Woodside: I'm a relatively new Californian, having recently moved from Central Florida. After volunteering at the ASIFA-Hollywood Archive, I realized pretty quickly that I basically knew a fraction of what was to be known about the world of animation. This podcast is a means for me to uncover these topics and to share them with people like you. So stick around, because we are gonna un-dumb ourselves at an alarming rate!

You can reach Michael at...

Stephen WorthStephen WorthStephen Worth is the Director of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive. He's a well known expert on vintage animation art with over 20 years of experience as a Producer for Bagdasarian Productions, Ralph Bakshi and John Kricfalusi's Spumco. He is the recipient of three Annie Awards, including the June Foray Award for significant and benevolent impact on the art of animation.

You can reach Stephen at


News Segment

WWW: Rad Seachrist's Blog, RadHowTo
WWW: Waking Sleeping Beauty

Marlo Meekins Interview

WWW: Marlo Meekins' Blog

WWW: International Society of Caricature Artists
WWW: Illustration Art: Mort Drucker
WWW: Bud Plant- Al Hirschfeld Bio

Breadcrumbs: Fats Waller
Fats Waller

CD: The Very Best of Fats Waller
CD: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1
CD: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2
CD: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 3
CD: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 4
CD: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 5
CD: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 6

DVD: Stormy Weather

GROOVESHARK Playlist: Fats Waller (coming soon)


Produced by Michael Woodside and Danny Young
© 2010 The International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood

A-HAA Podcast Theme composed by Christopher Heckman (Sarra Hey, Clarinet, Rachel Woods-Robinson, Trombone)
Breadcrumbs Theme "The Collector" by Skip Heller from the CD Lua-O-Milo

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