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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Event Report: Don Hahn's Alchemy of Animation

Don Hahn Event
The panelists and event coordinators gather for a photo after the show. Left to Right: Alexis Block, Nik Ranieri, Don Hahn, Mike Belzer, Danny Young, James Baxter, Michael Woodside and Alex Vassilev.

Last night at Woodbury University a fundraiser was held for the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive. Producer Don Hahn hosted a panel discussion and multimedia presentation on the art of animation for a packed house of animation professionals and fans. The event was a great success and enough money was raised to be able to purchase two 1.5 terabyte hard drives for the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive. Many thanks to Dori Littell-Herrick and Woodbury University for sponsoring the event, to Don Hahn, Nik Ranieri, Mike Belzer and James Baxter for putting on such an informative show, and to the dedicated crew of volunteers who made sure the whole event ran smoothly.

Don Hahn Event
The Fletcher Jones Foundation Theater was packed to the gills.

Don Hahn Event
Don Hahn (Beauty & the Beast, Lion King) was signing copies of his newly released book "The Alchemy of Animation".

Don Hahn Event
Mike Belzer (Nightmare Before Christmas, Bolt) and Nik Ranieri (Beauty & the Beast, Bolt) sign autographs for the crowd.

Don Hahn Event
Nik and James Baxer (Beauty & the Beast, Enchanted) visit with the crowd.

Don Hahn Event
The volunteers who coordinated the event pose with a copy of Don's book. Left to Right: Danny Young, Alexis Block and Michael Woodside. He's not pictured here, but Alex Vassilev, the Archive's resident tech-guru, handled the technical aspects of the presentation.

A good time was had by all!

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