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Friday, June 22, 2007

Event: An Evening With Andreas Deja Follow-Up

Andreas Deja Event

Deja EventDeja EventLast night at the Van Eaton Gallery in Sherman Oaks, CA, we had a rare opportunity to gain insight into the career and working method of one of animation's top talents... Andreas Deja. Andreas covered a huge range of subjects and shared his thoughts and passion for hand drawn animation with a packed house of enthusiastic fans, professionals and students of the artform.

Andreas Deja Event

On a big screen, Andreas peppered his talk with sketches, memorabilia and photos from his personal collection, and drew on the overhead projector to illustrate the concepts he was discussing.

Andreas Deja Event

After his talk, Andreas generously met with the audience and signed autographs on the great artwork assembled by the Van Eatons. He offered encouragement and advice to the students in the audience, like the contingent from Laguna College of Art and Design pictured above.

Andreas Deja Event

Many thanks to Andreas, the folks at the Van Eaton Gallery and the great group of people who came out to support the archive project.

Stephen Worth
Animation Archive

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