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Saturday, May 26, 2007

About ASIFA-Hollywood

What is ASIFA?What is ASIFA?What Is ASIFA-Hollywood?

We are the Los Angeles chapter of the international organization, ASIFA: The International Animated Film Society. Founded by a group of animators in 1957, and chartered by UNESCO in 1960, ASIFA encourages the art of animation and futhers international understanding and goodwill through the medium. Today, there are about thirty chapters of ASIFA all over the globe. ASIFA is a French acronym... "Association Internationale du Film D'Animation".

ASIFA- Hollywood was established over thirty years ago as a 501(c)(3) California non-profit organization. It is the largest chapter of ASIFA in the world. We are self-sustaining through our membership dues and the proceeds from our various projects and events.

Can I Please Be A Member?Can I Please Be A Member?Can I Please Be A Member?

Certainly! ASIFA-Hollywood membership is open to animation professionals, students and fans of animation. Anyone who loves animation can be a member of ASIFA!

There are three types of membership categories... General Member, Patron and Student Member. To find out about these and read about our goals and ongoing projects, read on...

What's The Concept?What's The Concept?What's The Concept Behind ASIFA-Hollywood?

ASIFA-Hollywood is the place where professional animators and fans, employees from competing studios and artists of different disciplines can join together on neutral ground where the common denominator is a passion for animation.

ASIFA-Hollywood's Goals
  • To support and encourage animation education
  • To support the preservation and critical evaluation of animation history
  • To recognize the achievement of excellence in the art and industry of animation
  • To increase public awareness of animation
  • To act as a liason to encourage the free exchange of ideas within the animation community
  • To encourage journalism documenting current trends and activities in animation
  • To encourage the social interaction of professional and non-professional animation enthusiasts
  • To encourage the development and expression of all forms of animation
What Does ASIFA Do?What Does ASIFA Do?So What Does ASIFA Do?

If you love animation, you'll find lots to do as a member of ASIFA-Hollywood. Here are just a few of our ongoing projects and programs...


Throughout the year, we host a packed calendar of events, including screenings of rare cartoons, members-only sneak peeks at current animated features and shows, lectures and workshops by noted animation professionals and social networking meetings. For up to date info on our activities, bookmark our Calendar of Events for more info.

Annie TrophyAnnie TrophyTHE ANNIE AWARDS

First held in 1972, the Annie Awards have grown to become animation's highest honor. The Annies are dedicated to honoring the best animated films of the year, as well as recognizing individual achievement. All members of ASIFA-Hollywood may vote for the winners. See for more info.


Animation ArchiveAnimation ArchiveThe ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive has been collecting material related to the art of animation for over thirty years. Recently, the Board of Directors resolved to create a world-class archive, library and museum dedicated to the artform. Work is underway to build a digital archive- a database containing hundreds of thousands of image files, biographical sketches, filmographic data and animated films- all searchable by keyword. You can read about the day by day progress of this project on the Archive Blog located at


ASIFA-Hollywood is at the forefront of the LA animation scene. We preserve films in danger of being lost to nitrate deterioration through our Animated Film Preservation Project. We maintain a charitable fund, The Animation Aid Foundation, and we foster education through the Stephen Bosustow and Art Babbitt Educational Endowment Funds.
Okie-Doke! Sign me up!Okie-Doke! Sign me up!
Okie Doke... Sign Me Up!

ASIFA membership is available in three levels...

Patron Membership includes International Membership and provides a donation for the Animation Archive and Film Preservation projects.

General Membership ($75/year within the US/$100 outside the US) includes International Membership

Student Membership ($30/year) does not include International Membership. Student ID required.

Volunteer opportunities are available in the following areas: Annie Awards, Comic Con, Publicity, Animation Archive, Events & Screenings and the Animation Rescue Team. Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering by sending an email to...

Print Out The Membership Form
Mail It With Payment To...

2114 W Burbank Bl
Burbank, CA 91506

Inquiries about membership status should be directed to...

Drawings on this page by Grim Natwick and Tissa David.

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